Get Involved!


Working individually we can make a difference
Working together, we can achieve real change
A change that will educate,empower and uplift a underprivileged


Campus Chapters

Be a creator! Through our Campus Chapter program, you will be a social entrepreneur, promoting the mission of EarthFrendz at your campus! You will be in charge of sales, management, and retail at your chapter while learning about business planning, team building, marketing, sales, and communication.

As our current focus is working with the urban poor of India, you will have the opportunity to work with artisans in an emerging global market and learn about the history and culture of a fascinating country.


Gifting Programs

Corporate Partnerships: Corporate Social Responsibility

Do you want to say “hello!” or “thank you!” to employees or clients in the form of beautifully-created products? Do you want to add new stylish, durable and socially-responsible products to your corporate social responsibility initiatives? We, at EarthFrendz, would love to work with you!



We believe in change. As a brand that serves a cause, we would be honored to be a part of fundraising campaigns for your cause to help change the world for the better.


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