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 It is a known fact that the women is the back bone of society . However, in many societies, especially among underprivileged families, people think that woman should not be allowed to work. The reasons behind this are varied, for e.g. some might take this as a reason to think that she wants to shirk responsibilities at home, or insecurity that she will now have the upper hand in decisions. Many of these things stem from a lack of understanding and illiteracy. We are using a holistic approach to empower a women that will create more chances for her to work. What we are trying to do is unique in the way that we employ both men and women.

As Cherie Blair has put it, "When it comes to who is helping women it has to be about men AND women together". To put it simply, we are trying to root out all the insecurities through our approach and at the same time, generate enough awareness about the position of women in society. This leads to them spreading the awareness in their own community akin to what is seen in herd immunity after vaccination. They also teach their children which ensures that their future generations are well endowed with the gifts of being socially responsible citizens. We include men because it is very important to promote their entrepreneurship and independence which makes them understand their responsibility towards their families and helps them in being compassionate towards the women in their communities , which gives the women to explore opportunities. By employing both men and women, we are leveling the playing field and showing that women are equally able to do the jobs of men, thus promoting tolerance within the community. This equality is encouraging women to explore entrepreneurial opportunities and encouraging men to support them in this endeavor.Through our fashion, we are not simply improving the lives of the poor financially; we are promoting independence and equality.

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