…Our Company.

At EarthFrendz, we use fashion as a economic tool for poverty alleviation and jobs creation.We believe that by doing business fairly and efficiently we can empower and assist underprivileged people in improving their lives.


Indian is known for its royal, elegant and artistic heritage of craftsmanship. In India and other developing world, artisan sector creates many job opportunities for the underprivileged people, while preserving the indigenous cultures and crafts of the region. Many artisans in this sector comprises of women. However, the sector is still not recognized as a key driver of socio- economic development. This is why we work with the talented artisans in the urban impoverished areas of India, specifically in cities of Mumbai and outskirts of New Delhi, as there are many communities that still earn their living working with needle and thread. By offering them jobs, fair wages and a platform to display their talents, we give them the means to provide for their families and the power to lift themselves out of poverty.


…Our Founder.

Our founder, Priya was born and raised in Mumbai, India, where her family is actively involved in social work. Her uncle Dr. Jagdish Samant is a staunch advocate for social upliftment and has been awarded the 2011 International Gandhi Award by the Vice President of India Mr Shri M. Hamid Ansari for his work among leprosy afflicted individuals. Taking his example, Priya has been actively involved in social causes from a young age. Priya had interest in fashion and passion for textiles and crafts. She realized that fashion is an immense tool for tackling poverty and creating jobs. Combining her zeal for humanitarian work and her love for fashion, she began association with impoverished artisans in India to make socially responsible and environmentally sustainable fashion accessories with the aim of giving these people a global platform to display their talent and create a green living and a better community.


In conjunction with these artisans, Priya launched her line of handbags that are, in accord with her passions, colorful, functional and sustainable. When not designing new bags, traveling to India, or talking with buyers, Priya can be found cooking, watching movies with her husband and two sons, and pursuing her interest in dance.


…Our Artisans. 

Our team of talented men, and women, and youth from the underprivileged areas of Mumbai and New Delhi are essential in the design and creation of our products. These are just some of the artisans whose creativity, dedication, and expertise have been invaluable to the inception and continual growth of our company.


    Head of Production (New Delhi)      Head of Production (Mumbai)

                                      Ratan                                                      Daya Shankar            

Seamstress       Chief Seamster and Manager of New Product Development

                                     Farida                                                          Vinod


 Head Seamstress and Community Developer       Seamtsress

                                         Kavita                                                Rekha